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Prepare for Moments that Matter

October 6-8, 2020

Thank you for joining us for the world’s largest Chaos Engineering event

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Adrian Cockroft
Adrian Cockroft
VP Cloud Architecture Strategy
Rachel Obstler
Rachel Obstler
VP, Product Management
Gene Kim
Gene Kim
Author, Researcher, Founder
IT Revolution


Each day, Chaos Conf will focus on one aspect of reliability preparation.

Day 1
Reliability Comes with Practice

Tuesday, October 6 

Chaos Engineering allows you to practice (and master) controlled incidents so that you can easily manage the unexpected ones.  

We'll cover what to practice and how to practice.

We know we've built reliable systems when we survive the surge of shoppers on Black Friday or maintain uptime during a massive migration. But reliability isn't about a single moment. It's built over time with every single deployment, resulting in a relationship of trust with your users and customers. Reliability requires practice. 

We'll kick off Chaos Conf by hearing from speakers who have deployed reliability practices and built organizations that delivered for their customers during critical moments. Tune in to hear technical reliability tactics and lessons.


  • More than a title: establishing an SRE practice in your organization
  • Documenting your reliability practices with runbooks
  • Setting and achieving milestones in your reliability journey

Day 2
Completing the DevOps Loop

Wednesday, October 7

DevOps has improved the flow of software from Developers to Operations but without feedback from Ops to Devs, DevOps is incomplete.

Learn how Chaos Engineering completes the loop to deliver more reliable products and services.

DevOps is supposed to tear down the silos separating developers and operations engineers. But too often, it creates a one-way flow from developers to ops with no feedback from ops to help developers build more operable and reliable applications. Chaos Engineering provides a way to complete the loop and prioritize quality across all teams. 

Day two of Chaos Conf will cover how to help your organizations meet reliability goals by including Chaos Engineering in the software lifecycle. 


  • Setting Service Level Objectives (SLO's) and Validating Indicators (SLI's) with Chaos Engineering
  • Moving from manual Gamedays to automated Chaos Experiments
  • Chaos Engineering in your CI/CD Pipeline
  • Code isn't done when you deploy it - Building reliability and operability into software
  • Holistic systems: bringing Developers and Operations Engineers together with Chaos Engineering 

Day 3
A Data-Driven Culture of Reliability

Thursday, October 8

The software we build reflects the engineering culture of our organizations.

Learn how to build a culture of reliability that results in more reliable systems and applications. 

Cultural change on the organizational level requires data to back it up. To grow an internal culture of chaos experimenation, you must democratize what you're learning. But how do we capture and share the most important lessons? How do you influence building a culture of reliability? 

Day three will cover what to measure, and how to use that data to tell stories that influence change across your organization. 


  • Using your monitoring data to guide chaos testing and verify test success
  • Reliability vs Features: Using Chaos Engineering to prioritize work
  • Celebrating wins - Case studies featuring how Chaos Engineering led to reduced incidents, lower MTTR, and other desired business outcomes. 

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