Chaos Conf Bingo

The goal of Chaos Conf bingo is to ...say bingo!

Each of the words on the card are common SRE, Reliability, and yes, Chaos Engineering terms that you'll hear throughout the conference in each of the talks. The goal is to get a bingo and submit your card. At the end of the event, we'll draw the cards randomly and pick 3 winner who will each win a Sonos Five ($499 value).

How to Play

1. Click the button above and you'll be taken to a unique bingo card all your own.

2. Please mark down your Player Code in case you need to return to your bingo card.

3. Track the Reliability words you hear in the talks on your card.

4. Once you've hit a bingo, submit your card number here and if you're a lucky winner, we'll reach out to coordinate delivery!

Win Prizes

3 lucky winners will be announced during the NS1 Happy Hour at 12:30pm PDT on October 8. 

Submit your card here.